About Us

The Collard’s mission is to provide unconventional perspectives on everyday occurrences and to use satire to examine uncomfortable political and social issues.

Whether, reading the comment section of the latest buzz piece or watching what’s passed off as “News,” or just walking down the street we find ourselves thinking “WTF?! this can’t be real!” The Collard exists to capture these very moments and the absurdity of the modern condition.  From the latest shade, to controversial legislation, our virtual community has it all.

The Collard’s approach is to “serve up” provocative content in an easily digestible fashion. We are dedicated to making those uncomfortable, yet necessary discussions about race, pop culture and politics possible via keen writing and  while providing a bit of comedic relief. The Collard doesn’t only report & entertain, we seek to encourage  our audience to engage. When the laughter subsides, our readers often won’t know what hit them as they will find themselves writing to their congressmen, initiating water cooler discussions, or even marching in the streets!


About the Founders: This totally unique endeavor is the brainchild of budding media mavens, Taylor McEwen and Sade Bowen. These boarding school-besties turned HBCU alums are passionate about using media as a medium to create and craft consciousness; what better way than to infuse a little laughter?!


Sade Bowen is an entrepreneur and activist. A native Washingtonian, politics was her first love. This 

FullSizeRenderpassion drove her to study Political Science at Howard University where she received her BA in 2013. Dissatisfied with the fourth estate, and a great admirer of independent media & satire, she co-founded The Collard in 2013.




Taylor McEwen received her BA in International Studies from Spelman College in 2010.

Her passion for “serving the underserved” is not only a motto and creed of her alma mater, but is her own personal mission.

The highlight of her international unnamed (1)travel was spending a semester abroad in South Africa. Her capstone investigation in the Social and Political Transformation program was in conjunction with the School of International Training. Her passion for the human condition not withstanding, Taylor understood early on that good health is a prerequisite, and to that end, she obtained her M.P.H. from Morehouse School of Medicine in 2014 to help ending racial and gender disparities. Recognizing there are many ways to end racism and engage, Taylor sees The Collard as an astute and expeditious way to include fellow citizens of the world in important discussions.

A natural entrepreneur, her leadership of The Collard garners support from advertisers and still provides great real estate for important issues serving non-profits. Taylor continues her studies in 2015 working toward her Medical Degree at the University of Maryland while establishing herself as a media maven of today!


Senior Vice President of Marketing:

Karen Payton is Karen Payton is Vice President and COO of Decisive Media, a multicultural media company. Ms Payton was responsible for transforming Decisive’s unnamed-1 (1)predecessor On Wheels Magazine, (which was once a newspaper-delivered magazine focused entirely on automotive content) into a beautiful news stand property complete with information and tips for consumers on the top spending categories. At The Collard, she is part of the senior leadership responsible for creating and identifying new business opportunities, proposal development, pricing strategies, presentations and managing clients.

Meet Our Team:


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Natalia Wojcik is currently a student at Harvard University working towards a BA in English and Government in 2017. Due to a lifelong love of literature and writing, Natalia has found herself continually involved with writing and journalism. She also enjoys traveling and learning as many languages as possible.



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Rosewater is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Leadership and Management minor at American University. Her passion for education encourages her love of teaching and learning from others. She uses humor and creativity to push back against elitism in higher academia—often infusing pop culture references to make heady concepts more digestible. She advocates for urban youth’s accessibility to political and social justice concepts, with an ultimate goal of fervently improving urban development. She is committed to her dream of founding a national non-profit to expand resource accessibility to low income housing residents. As a writer and graphic illustrator for The Collard, she enjoys weaving ratchet politics and everyday happenings together for the modern millennial’s entertainment and education.




Cailley LaPara is currently an undergraduate at George Washington working towards a BA in International Affairs and English, with a minor in Creative Writing. She spends most of her time providing comic relief to the pressures of this highly competitive city, even if she’s the only one laughing. Her comic relief outlets include being a writer for The Collard and the founder of an on-campus comedy-writing group. Other hobbies include writing, reading, sleeping (if there’s time), Gilmore Girls, running, and making up songs in weird voices about whatever she’s doing in that moment. Her roommate loves her for it.



Web Developer:photothecollardonline

Mengchen Pan is currently studying computer science as graduate student at George Washington University in Washington DC. Originally from China, she became part of The Collard team in the Summer of 2015.