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Kids Plot to get Back at Parents for Kimmel Prank by Stealing Thanksgiving Turkey

Another Halloween, another series of videos being circulated around the YouTubesphere of confused and angry children throwing tantrums, all thanks to Jimmy Kimmel’s “YouTube I Told Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy Challenge.”

For parents, it’s a humorous prank that puts kids in their place for a hot second until the wailing becomes overwhelming and they cave: “I’m just kidding!! You can have allllllll the candy you want! Happy Halloween, mua-ha-ha-ha.”

The kids, on the other hand, find the practical joke less hilarious. And now that they’re hyped up on fun-size Snickers and their teeth are purple with Skittle juice, they decided this has gone on long enough. “It’s time to fight back,” said one pranked kindergartener, Tommy.

On November 2, Tommy called all the kids in his morning class and all the afternoon kindergarteners together on the playground outside Ross Elementary. Their goal? To get revenge.

After a brief game of tag and a snack break of Goldfish and juice boxes, the kids got down to work. Because of their attention span, the meeting lasted five minutes, but in those five minutes a plan was hatched.

“We’re going to take the turkeys. For Thanksgiving!” said Ryan F. proudly. That’s when Ryan P. butted in and added, “Yeah, they won’t like that!! That’s what they get, for pretending to take our candy! We trick-treated hard for that!”


November 3, 2015

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