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Lira Galore and Rick Ross: The Lovin’ the Crew dichotomy


Rick Ross’s young fiancé Lira Galore has recently received a lot of media attention. Her sexy snapchats, humongous 10 carat diamond ring, and very vocal mother have people talking. The most recent development in the 22 year old’s media frenzy is her alleged sexual history with other rappers in Ross’s circle. Most notably, a photo of Galore topless on Meek Mill’s lap surfaced on Instagram. The vernacular around Galore’s alleged sexual past is damaging and condescending. Phrases like “they passed her around” treat Galore as if she is a commodity who can belong to a man, as opposed to a consensual human being. This implies she has no control over her body or her sexual activity—that she is an object who can be bought or sold. This puts her male partners in a power position and Galore in a subordinate role, implying she is being used by her sexual partners. It’s degrading. You pass a baby. You pass a test. You pass the butter. You don’t pass a grown, consensual, sexually active woman around amongst your homeboys. The language swirling around her sexual activity is a direct embodiment of slut shaming. Thanks to Amber Rose, slut shaming is finally being openly acknowledged and discussed. Her recent Slut Walk in California brought light to the issue and has opened up a necessary dialogue in the hip hop—and further—Black community.

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November 3, 2015

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