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Halloween Costume Manufacturers Working on Excuses for Offensive Products, List Is Short


Pirate…eh…Superhero…maybe…Mario and Luigi…that could be fun… The Hamburglar…LOL, no. Wait! Check this out! Sexy Native American Indian. So good! So sexy! Mexican Tequila Sunrise Costume. That’s so fun! Comes with a sombrero! Tequila shots, whoo-hoo!

Let us check our Palm Pilots…yes, it’s confirmed. The year is 2015. It is a wonder, then, that the imagined conversation above still happens, verbatim, all across America as people shop online for Halloween costumes.

To be fair, maybe it’s the overwhelming number of costumes available that lead people to choose the offensive ones. Oh, I don’t know! I typed in “Halloween costumes with face paint women” and it came up with too many options! So I just decided to randomly pick one and I landed on Asian Geisha Woman. Guess I’m going as that this year. Hah, I don’t even know what that is.

To try to discover the reason behind this perpetuation of racism and sexism through Halloween costumes, we went right to the manufacturers. We asked, “Do you see how this is offensive? Why do you continue to produce these things?” The tired exec just handed over a piece of looseleaf, titled “Excuses This Year.” There were two items: 1. It’s just a joke, relax, and 2. Halloween’s the one time a year…

Unable to argue with this airtight logic, we thanked him for his time and went home, prepared to stay in this Halloween.

October 26, 2015

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