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Netflix & Thrill: Fun Halloween-Themed Date Ideas


Halloween is upon us and if you’re in the enough happy state of affairs to have a date this time of year, there are plenty of creative October date ideas out there. But if you’re tired out from hayrides, corn mazes, and apple picking, you might just want to cozy up to someone and put on a movie.

But before you settle in for a totally casual movie night, consider some of these ideas to spice up “Netflix and Chill.” It’s the best way to tell someone, “I’d much rather be watching Netflix and chilling on my own, hopefully with pizza, but if you’re here I’ll make out with you, I guess.”

1. Reenact your favorite horror movie while watching your favorite horror        movie.

Jack from “The Shining,” Hannibal Lector, and Freddy Kreuger can be great inspirations for this one.  As the movie reaches its scary, gruesome climax, slip away to the “bathroom” for a minute or so. Then come back, waving an axe or wearing a hockey mask yelling, “HEEEEEEERE’S JOHNNY!”  You might want to whisper creepily, “I see dead people” from a darkened corner where your date can’t see you. Bonus points if you hum a creepy tune or make the “nah! nah! nah! nah!” sounds from “Psycho” while stabbing the ground with a butter knife. It will be sure to liven up the night. And your date will love seeing a fun, goofy side of you!

2. Show off your festive Halloween spirit by dressing up in a costume.

Sure, your date might not come in costume but there’s no reason to feel like the odd person out. There’s nothing more playful and cute than having to remove an Obama mask to try and kiss you or getting tangled up in Grim Reaper robes while cuddling on the couch. Plus, your date will be so confused when you open the door wearing your costume that they might let you pick the movie!

3. Turn movie night into movie-and-pumpkin-carving night

Find a use for those pumpkins you picked the other day! Jack-O-lantern kits are easily available at your local CVS, or your kitchen knives will work just fine. Surprise your date by setting up a pumpkin-carving station in the living room. They may say they wanted to just chill out on the couch, but don’t take their word for it! All their expectations will vanish and be replaced by a feeling of pure joy at being able to create a lovely seasonal decoration rather than spend a boring night on the couch.

These are just some ideas to help you get more out of Netflix and Chill, because isn’t that the point?

October 29, 2015

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