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Pope Visits Relic That May Not Be Real, Says Things That May Not Have Any Real Impact



Pope Francis visited the Shroud of Turin on Sunday, praying before the unauthenticated holy relic, which is said to be the cloth that covered the body of Jesus. Shortly afterwards, the pope remarked on job discrimination against migrants and women, expressing his hope that this would cease.
“It’s sad to see the spectacle of this last period, where human beings are treated as goods,” the Pope said. It’s certainly very nice to hear these sentiments and expressions of support, but it would be more helpful if the pope used his massive influence over the 1.2 billion people who are at least nominally Catholic in order to provoke some real change, rather than continuing to make statements, while causing some to hopefully sigh at the prospect that the Church may one day move permanently into the 21st century, from its continued residence in medieval times.

August 31, 2015

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