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Man Sues Over Late Delivery, Wins

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Minneapolis resident Greg Howard ordered a new Seiko watch from Amazon a few weeks ago, with an estimated delivery date of four to nine days. When his watch did not arrive within the nine-day delivery period, Howard decided to take action. “I was sitting at my computer and monitoring this package every step of the way. I knew it was approaching the deadline.” The package arrived at his residence eight hours after it was supposed to. Howard says he had no pressing need for the watch, and instead claims his actions were based on principle, “The constant checking of Amazon’s website caused me undue stress and emotional anxiety. They need to be more aware and cautious with the kind of service they provide. Their tardiness almost cost me my job!” Howard claims that he was almost fired by his boss for constantly refreshing the webpage instead of doing his job. Upon exiting his court hearing, Howard announced triumphantly that he had won back the $3.99 shipping fee he had originally paid, as well as $20.00 in punitive damages. This is not the first case of its kind, as earlier this year a woman in Helena, Montana was awarded three payments of $33.99 for similar claims- the two together could be setting a wonderful precedent for the neighborhood roustabouts.

December 22, 2015

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