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Tired of Working Out? 3 Unnecessary Body Parts Perfect for Dropping Weight QUICK


The weather is heating up and summer is HERE. Everyone knows that summer is the perfect time to shed the pounds, but working out is just so hard.

Fear not, cause I’ve got news for you: not every body part is necessary! Here are three that you could feasibly live without, thus making weight loss that much easier!

  1. Kidneys

Sure, your kidney doesn’t weigh that much, but every pound (or fraction of a pound) helps. Plus, would you rather have two functional kidneys or a thigh gap? Oh, the two are unrelated? Okay moving on…

  1. Legs

No thighs = no thigh gap! There we go!


  1. Gallbladder

Another one of those pesky unnecessary organs. All they’re doing is weighing you down, so get rid of that shit ASAP! Thanks evolution!


May 30, 2017

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