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Moms on New “Mom Jean” Trend: “We Don’t Appreciate Our Style Being Appropriated Like This”


Each new season brings myriad new styles and trends in fashion. Spring 2016 is seeing a preference for so-called “Mom jeans.” You know, the ones that come up to (or past) your belly button and hide the natural shape of your leg so well your calves could be made of salami.

Moms across the nation are outraged at the new trend, calling it appropriation. “We don’t need those sexy millennials wearing the one article of clothing society let us claim for ourselves,” said area mom Jennifer Greene.

“Mom jeans are a part of mom culture,” said Harriet Boyd, a manufacturer of mom jeans. “Of course they don’t want that taken away from them, and by young girls no less. We as a society already ignore women over thirty-five as though they don’t matter or contribute anything to the world. It’s just not fair to moms.”

Women ages 17-23 are the main participants in this trend. Said one mom-jean wearing youngin, “I think it was like, an ironic move at first, to wear these kinds of jeans…but now it’s like, totally cool. Also they’re like, super comfy? So. I don’t know, literally my mom is so pissed about it. But like, I don’t know. You know?”

March 23, 2016

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