How to Reverse the Ingrained Misogyny Your Dog Has Been Exposed To

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Believe it or not, domesticated animals are like sponges. They absorb all the information you tell them. Your attitudes, your unconscious biases, your political views: they’ll catch on quick and, more than likely, adopt those attitudes, biases and opinions.

You may be thinking, “well, I’m not racist or sexist or anything bad. So my pet is fine!” Not so. Even if you leave a sexist magazine out next to the fish bowl, Nemo will take that in like the naïve little fish he is.

Studies reveal that dogs are the most susceptible to this kind of subliminal osmosis. Here’s how to erase those messages from Fido’s mind.

* Get a neutral-colored collar. Even though your dog can’t really see its own collar, you can. And pink for a girl dog? That’s just reinforcing your own, and therefore your bitches’, sexist expectations.

* If your male dog thinks he’s tough stuff, challenge his fragile masculinity by giving him a “girly” name.

* When you teach your dog “sit” and “stay,” also teach him “respect women”

* Be sure to give your female dog the same amount of treats as your male dog. They did the same amount of following commands, therefore they earned equal treats.

March 23, 2016

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