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Louis C.K. Letter Causes White People to Suddenly Start Worrying that Trump Might Be Hitler


In a new letter addressed to his fans, beloved comedian Louis C.K. likened Trump to Hitler, thus being the first person to make that analogy.

Minds of middle-aged white people were subsequently blown after this comparison was released.

“I mean, I heard other people call Trump Hitler, sure, but I didn’t take them seriously,” Barbara Johnson of Tampa, Florida said, “but now that this well-liked white public figure has said it, it’s really made me reconsider my vote. I mean, not enough to vote for that communist Bernie Sanders, but still. Hearing it from a non-threatening white person really opened my eyes.”
When asked for comment, C.K. said, “Somebody had to say it. Somebody other than all the other people who have said it. Somebody who looks like me.”

March 6, 2016

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