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Kanye Uses Pirate Bay to Torrent His Own Album


A recent picture posted by Mr. West himself revealed an open tab for Pirate Bay, a torrenting website often used to illegally download music.  This is just the latest controversy in Kanye related news. His latest album, The Life of Pablo, has been generally met with confusion and has been criticized in the music industry for its lack of cohesiveness. Moreover,the album has a significantly lower reach due to its restricted availability. Listeners can only access TLOP via music streaming service Tidal.


“Tidal is really great and all,” Mr. West said in an exclusive interview with The Collard online, “love you Jay. But like, I don’t really have that much room on my computer, and I’ve been more of a Spotify guy these days anyway. But TLOP isn’t available on Spotify, and I wanted to get my hands on a hard copy somehow. So yes, if illegally downloading one’s own music is a crime, then I am guilty….what’s that? It is a crime? Man, get these cameras out of my face.”


West released an official statement later that day:
“I wasn’t searching for Pirate Bay, the illegal torrenting site, I was searching for Pirate’s Cove, the pirate-themed waterpark in Virginia. Common mistake.”

March 2, 2016

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