Clarence Thomas Asks Question in Court, Coughs Up Huge Pile of Dust

clarence-thomas-says-the-other-justices-should-shut-up-and-listenSupreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas asked his first question during oral arguments for the first time since 2006. The case in question surrounded whether people with previous domestic violence charges are allowed to own guns.


As Justice Thomas spoke, he reportedly began to hack for upwards of six minutes, finally culminating in him coughing up a huge pile of dust that fell in layers over the people of the Supreme Court.
Defense lawyer Robert Cross was there when it happened: “He began to cough for what felt like hours, and we all sat and watched him. And suddenly, straight from his mouth, an endless outpouring of dust covered us all. It was actually kind of peaceful, like a gentle snow falling.”

The question in question is still unknown.

March 2, 2016

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