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I didn’t not enjoy Judd Apatow’s latest Netflix TV endeavor (along with Lesley Arfin and star/co-creator Paul Rust). I just don’t think that people (me and my friends at least) will be talking about it for years to come.


Here’s what I appreciate: flawed characters, a realistic look on modern relationships, it’s funny (though it’s not really ever laugh out loud funny) and a few really touching moments. My favorite of said touching moments is when Mickey and Gus are driving back from a horrible date at the coveted Magic Castle and she says “I’m sorry I don’t believe in magic.” That shit got to me for some reason. Also, I really love (ha!) Mickey’s Australian roommate, Bertie. I think she’s one of the most likable characters on TV we’ve seen in a long time. As for direction– they’ve got an all-star lineup of some of my favorite (albeit, all white guys except Maggie Carey) directors in Hollywood: mumblecore king Joe Swanberg and Wet Hot American Summer alum Michael Showalter each get their own episodes.

Here’s what I wasn’t really wasn’t about: this is one of those shows where the creator (Paul Rust), who is a nerdy, dweebish dude, gets to write himself in as the leading man starring opposite a super hot girl (Gillian Jacobs) . I understand the character of Gus is a total dork, but I feel like if a human-looking woman ever tried to put herself next to a super hot guy because it was her show, it wouldn’t feel so believable. And it doesn’t feel so believable on Love. I also wish there were more PoC and queer characters at the forefront of at least the sub-stories (because I understand that in every episode the central storyline is between Gus and Mickey).
So, Love is sweet enough and worth the watch if you have already seen everything else Netflix has put out in the last year. I’m more partial to Master of None, though.

February 29, 2016

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