State of Nevada Succeeds in Making Itself “Least Liked State”


On Tuesday Donald Trump won the Nevada Republican Caucus, earning Nevada the award for “Least Liked State.” Nevada was nominated for the award by most other states and France.

Until now, Utah has held the title, with Florida as a runner-up. The governor of Nevada had no comment, but Utah’s governor could be seen celebrating once the news was announced.

Other superlatives for states include, “Loudest State” and “Smelliest State,” both of which New Jersey proudly holds. South Dakota is known as “The State Least Likely to Be Visited by a President.” The list goes on.

In the past twenty-four hours Nevada has also been called “Saddest State of Affairs” and “Not Even Worth Going to Vegas.”

These superlatives, along with quotes and senior pictures will be compiled into a yearbook that will be released never.

February 24, 2016

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