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“Formation” Wasn’t Written For Me, and I’m PISSED!”



When I first received word that Queen Bey, who exists for me and me only, dropped a new song right before the Superbowl I thought, “about time!” I crossed my fingers in hope that she would return to her “If I Were A Boy” days, serenading me with a sweet, race-less ballad that in only talked about what it meant to be a woman but definitely not a black one specifically– and then she dropped “Formation” and ruined my week.


What was she thinking?! How can me and my white friends shout that we “might just be a black Bill Gates in the making” when that’s biologically impossible? Did Beyonce not consider these consequences when writing the song? Did she not consider that she may be excluding an entire race?


And then there was that Super Bowl performance. I was looking forward to a medley of Beyonce’s greatest and whitest hits, but a “political statement”? I would have rather watched a full half hour of Coldplay’s gay rights celebration!
It breaks my heart that an artist as talented and universal as Beyonce is writing about her experiences being black, rather than ones that I too have experienced. For that reason, I am boycotting Tidal until the new Kanye album (which was also not written for me) isn’t free to stream anymore.

February 16, 2016

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