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14 Daily Affirmations to Say to Yourself Leading Up to Valentine’s Day



News flash: if seasonal affective disorder isn’t depressing enough, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. No one is happy and everyone is grumpy but let’s try to stay positive with these daily affirmations:

  1. Candy will be on sale soon!
  2. I don’t want a valentine!
  3. I don’t need to have a significant other to walk around without pants on!
  4. The sun will come out in March!
  5. I have a ton of friends who love me and that’s enough!
  6. I will learn to cook for one!
  7. Being alone gives me the chance to find myself!
  8. No pants no pants no pants
  9. To do: clean room, grocery shopping, laundry (this is just your to-do list)
  10. Smile!
  11. Am I wearing pants? Why?
  12. Smile, dammit.
  13. Valentine’s Day is misogynistic and I’m not going to take part in that.
  14. I love myself.

Write these on a post-it and hang it up somewhere you’ll see it! Your mirror, a door, the fridge. Every time you see your affirmation you have to say it out loud. And don’t worry about feeling silly; you’ll be alone and no one will hear you!

February 2, 2017

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C. LaPara Cailley LaPara is currently an undergraduate at George Washington working towards a BA in International Affairs and English, with a minor in Creative Writing. She spends most of her time providing comic relief to the pressures of this highly competitive city, even if she’s the only one laughing. Her comic relief outlets include being a writer for The Collard and the founder of an on-campus comedy-writing group. Other hobbies include writing, reading, sleeping (if there’s time), Gilmore Girls, running, and making up songs in weird voices about whatever she’s doing in that moment. Her roommate loves her for it

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