Ahead of California Primary Clinton Releases Visual Album “Unsweetened Iced Tea”

Following the raging success of Beyonce’s visual album, “Lemonade”, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has decided to release her own visual album, “Unsweetened Iced Tea.” We sat down with Clinton for an exclusive (and brief) interview after the visual album (featuring short vignettes named after states she has already won in the primaries) dropped. TCO:...
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The Grand Jury Routine

  My mother was elected to serve on a Midwestern Grand Jury this summer. She wasn’t allowed to disclose any information about the cases she reviewed, but her jury duty took an obvious toll. She would come home from hearings looking defeated. The routine was always the same: she would drop her keys on the...

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Safe Sex X STDs

“Got drunk got high then I took a piss. I’m like… Aww shit! Knowing that it’s syphilis I got scary, ‘cause every pee drop was hotter than curry!” –Red...

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